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Bogged Down

Bogged Down published on 2 Comments on Bogged Down

It’s absolutely astonishing how much more quickly I can crank one of these out when I keep the scripts shorter and simpler. You have no idea.

That is, unless you also do webcomics, of course.

Consider yourselves lucky, by the way. I briefly considered doing a riff on the “Marvel/Disney” news that took the Internet by storm, but by the time the comic would’ve posted the news would be entire days old… and most of the good jokes would’ve been made already.

This, folks, is why it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing topical material. Again: Consider yourselves lucky.


Huh. Either Rusty’s vocalized hatred of puns has been worn down pretty fast, or he’s just too tired to indulge Roger today…

And I’m getting closer to not needing the Cast page, really. I swear.

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