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These days, I’m reluctant to read anything that’s more than 400 pages. It’s just too big a commitment. I’m convinced this is the real reason for trilogies & such — to suck you in before you realize that you’ve got to read over 1000 pages to get the entire story.

Side note: I once started a series thinking it was a trilogy, only to discover that (a) the series wasn’t finished yet and (b) it was going to be FIVE lengthy books. I decided I didn’t want to know the ending that badly.

And this is why pretty much all the fiction I read is online these days.

Yes, the average quality goes down a lot (you get what you pay for), but hey – as a writer, you learn just as much from BAD writing as GOOD writing.

Yet that still ends up being thousand page epics. I start reading Fallout Equestria, 20 rather long chapters… Much time later and it is among the world’s longest fictional works. Not even mentioning Project Horizons, which is longer. Somebody needs to do and official word count.

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