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Just because I can easily tell them apart, it doesn’t immediately follow that everyone else can keep them straight… especially the girls. (Look: Most of the ducks were gifts over many years. It’s not as if I set out to build the cast for some crazy webcomic or something…!)

So, let’s see who we’re dealing with.

Poe's MugshotPoe

A “Rubba”-brand duck, Poe is the self-styled leader of our merry band of erstwhile bathtoys. Cultured, but a bit snobby. Hard to keep clean due to his unusual chemical composition.

Shimako's MugshotShimako

Poe’s devoted, if occasionally snarky, ladybird. Enjoys the quieter, artsier pleasures of life.

Roger's MugshotRoger

Part rock-and-roller, part court jester. He has his eye on Rei. Actually, both eyes.

Neil's MugshotNeil

Roger’s sidekick and fellow music lover, leaning more toward the “pop” side of the spectrum. Some of his friend’s inability to keep his beak shut may be rubbing off on the poor lad…

Rusty's MugshotRusty

Definitely not suited for bathtime, Rusty’s a cast-iron duck. While not as generally irritable as Score can be, he does get hot under the metaphorical collar at the sound of puns.

Rei's MugshotRei

Rei is tasked with keeping watch over The Ducklings, and is not amused by Roger’s constant joking around. She does enjoy a nice spot of tea, however.

Sachiko's MugshotSachiko

Brewer of tea, repository of gossip, friend to all.

Score's MugshotScore

We don’t know what he’s working on, but we know that Score doesn’t like interruptions. He can be quite irritable when provoked… which sometimes leads to bouts of uncontrollable alliteration. What can I say? He’s an odd duck. Ahem. And so far nobody has correctly guessed where his name comes from…

Li's MugshotLi

Yet another non-rubber, non-plastic denizen of the flock, Li is actually a decorative ceramic creature. He probably enjoys the general level of silliness around here more than is proper for a nice young duck such as himself, but so far he’s kept out of trouble.

Ducklings MugshotThe Ducklings

They’re not terribly articulate yet, but they’re quite precocious already when it comes to finding mischief… hence the need for Rei to keep them under her wing.

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