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State Of The Comic, July 2009

State Of The Comic, July 2009 published on 2 Comments on State Of The Comic, July 2009

Hey, look, it’s still here!

Now, let’s be serious. Where are now?

  • Inkblot and Webcomic, the theme and plugin combo which drives this thing (on top of WordPress), have been updated (often, in Webcomic’s case). Things have settled down on that front, so now I can think about…
  • Site design! What you see here is, for the most part, the stock Inkblot design code. I want to play with button design and color schemes, and I really want a better-looking banner graphic. (Yes, I did just slap some text on top of part of one of my camera-test shots from… April? May?) And, by popular demand (combined with just plain common sense)…
  • Cast page! The Yamiyurikai aren’t the only faces folks may have a tough time keeping track of, admittedly. So, I’m putting this at the top of the To-Do list. All things considered I’ll probably end up doing the new banner at the same time, but there you go.
  • Last and most assuredly not least: You people rock. You keep coming back for more! You comment! You encourage! You laugh (and groan at the puns)! The site metrics tell me that while we may not be setting traffic records, the traffic is consistent and steady. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And that’s the news that’s fit… for now.


Glad to hear you’ve not deicded this is a waste of time 🙂 I for one am enjoying the comics (and groaning as appropriate of course). I’m looking forward to a cast page for certain though…I swear, you’d think I’d be able to remember names with “faces” better than this. I’ve sent at least a few readers your way, and will happily send more as chances arise for it.

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