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Ducks In 3D

Ducks In 3D published on

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Quacked Panes, the photography-based webcomic, had its run. We had our good times and our rough times and we got through it all, yes indeed. Once I was done with it, I figured that was that. Maybe I’d come back around later, who knows?

My life took some turns in the years after wrapping QP’s four-year run. I moved westward a bit into a smaller apartment with little room for photography projects. The old camera finally bit the dust and its replacement is… unsuited to this kind of project, sadly. It kind of looked like I wouldn’t be revisiting the duck-comic idea any time soon.

Then a friend online suggested checking out a particular video tutorial series for the Blender 3D-stuff creation software. Partway through learning how to make a donut and a coffee cup I realized I might be able to, oh my, create and render duckies. Dare I dream?

Now, this isn’t a promise. There is no schedule, there is nothing to formally announce, I don’t have a duck-making process I’m really happy with, I have so much to learn yet. But… I’m working toward a goal, the rough shape of which you can infer from the above image.

Let’s see what happens, shall we?

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