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Thanks Four Everything 14

Thanks Four Everything 14 published on 1 Comment on Thanks Four Everything 14

Would you entrust the bulk of the comedic duties for an entire webcomic to these two ducks?

I did, and I’m actually rather proud of how that worked out. Yes, of course, I should’ve given more camera time to some other cast members… but when I needed a bad pun or a musical reference or just general shenanigans, Roger and Neil came through time after time. They even starred in my most technically challenging comic (admittedly, that’s not saying much). You probably wouldn’t be reading this were it not for Roger and his wickedly witty ways.

Great work, guys.

Thanks Four Everything 13

Thanks Four Everything 13 published on 2 Comments on Thanks Four Everything 13

Yet another group of disastrously underutilized ducks with great potential. It’s almost as if someone cleverer and more diligent than myself should’ve been running this show all along. Ah, well. Live and learn, I suppose.

Speaking of diligence: I wish I’d been paying more attention to those blades of grass. Always getting in the way…

Thanks Four Everything 12

Thanks Four Everything 12 published on No Comments on Thanks Four Everything 12

You’ve no idea how amused I am that the sun really came out only during the couple of minutes I was taking a picture of my dourest curmudgeon in the cast.

Score may be the clearest example I have of a duck whose intended and eventual roles have almost nothing to do with one another. Originally he was just going to be the mad scientist zed-head recluse with a knack for alliteration. Then, somehow, he gained a military-research-group backstory followed by an ongoing test subject (Bob).

He’s the duck most looking forward to the peace and quiet, you can rest assured of that much.

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