Know The Score

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Score is a good duck, really. He’s just a bit… touchy. And a bit of a perfectionist. … One of the characterization ideas I’ve tried to utilize is to give some of the ducks little facets of my own personality. Roger’s a punster, Neil’s a music lover (not to be outdone by Roger, of course),… Continue reading Know The Score

Yuck Do

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Be proud of me. I managed to put this one off for over a month. Yes, this is among the first handful of script ideas that came to me, all those months ago in the middle of the night. I stand by my work, and Score’s statements here (most of them, anyway) can be taken… Continue reading Yuck Do

Restoring Orders

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I’m not sure, between two thirds of the tea-drinking contingent and seven eighths of the Commandos, which is the rock and which is the hard place. It’s probably an academic question that Neil would prefer to ponder from a safe distance, indeed. And yes, I did write myself into quite the corner when it comes… Continue reading Restoring Orders