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Remix: Wonderduck Day 1

Remix: Wonderduck Day 1 published on 4 Comments on Remix: Wonderduck Day 1

Hero to ducks everywhere, Wonderduck took time away from his Formula 1 racing coverage to prep a few comics for us. I’m led to believe that he used some obscure and arcane piece of software known as Picturebuy… no, Daguerreotypemarket… gah! Right, it’s Photoshop. I’m not familiar with it (look, I’m still using Fireworks 3, okay?) but Wonderduck’s tinkering has produced an amusing vignette starring fan-favorite Rusty.

Enjoy, won’t you?


Also, if it makes you feel better, I was still clinging to version 3 of Fireworks and Dreamweaver until about 2 weeks ago — although I did have version 4 of Photoshop. I finally caved in and upgraded the whole lot earlier this month. (My pocketbook is not thanking me.)

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