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Christmas Poster 2011

Christmas Poster 2011 published on 5 Comments on Christmas Poster 2011

It seemed like a nice idea to put the “original band” into one poster instead of trying to cram ALL THE DUCKS into one frame. (That gets harder and harder to do every time, you know.)

(Yes, I know: The Ducklings aren’t in there. My bad.)

Also? Enjoy this peek into my bookshelf. Heh.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, from me and mine.



Merry Duckmas, my friend!

(I’ve read none of those books)

Going around the stack clockwise…

“The Mirror of Her Dreams” and “A Man Rides Through” are the only Stephen R. Donaldson books I can at all recommend, but I highly recommend them.

If you’re not a Robotech fan, “End of the Circle” will not be your cuppa. Heh.

Raymond E Feist’s Riftwar books, from “Magician” through “Shards of a Broken Crown,” are among my favorite all time books, period. But… stop after “Shards.” Sigh.

Of the Charles Stross material I’ve owned & read so far, the Eschaton books (“Singularity Sky” and “Iron Sunrise”) are far-and-away my favorites.

John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” and “The Ghost Brigades” are the most enjoyable military-sci-fi I’ve ever read, hands down. Usually that genre doesn’t do much for me, but these books are brilliant.

C. J. Cherryh’s “Foreigner” books are the best man-meets-aliens political-intrigue culture-clash tea-parties-and-gunplay hyphen-hyphen series you’ll ever find anywhere. It takes the first book (which is a bit of a slog) to get you situated, then you’re off and running and never looking back. Incredible worldbuilding, great characters, excellent craftsmanship.

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