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Sixteen Ton Tome

Sixteen Ton Tome published on 2 Comments on Sixteen Ton Tome

As I write this (Saturday afternoon) it’s a beautiful day outside in Portland, Oregon. What I should’ve done is to pack up some ducks and go shoot some panels out in the lovely weather.

Except that I woke up with a knotted cramp in my right calf, so walking around for fun isn’t really an option. So, cranking open the window blinds to take a natural-light shoot is the next best thing. I love using sunlight!


I laughed uproariously. I’m not even a huge stickler for Monty Python accuracy – it’s just a brilliantly delivered punchline.

Thank you, thank you. *takes a bow*

Funny thing is, I had it written, then found out that there actually is a Python animation bit which goes something like “NO! NO! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG NO NO WRONG!” That made me feel better, because then I didn’t have to worry about someone using my own comic against me. 🙂

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