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Insert Bill And Ted Quote Here

Insert Bill And Ted Quote Here published on 3 Comments on Insert Bill And Ted Quote Here

It’s funny how characterization and, indeed, scripting can take unexpected turns while you’re in the middle of the creative process. Originally this was going to be a dry dissertation from two of my ducks about what sort of thing you’d be seeing here over the course of the next… however long this may run.

“But,” I thought to myself, “would they really get through such a thing uninterrupted?” Of course they wouldn’t. So, Rusty entered the frame.

“So,” I asked myself, “why would Rusty care so little for what Poe and Shimako are up to?” Aha, he’s fleeing something… or someduck. Thus, Roger joins the scene.

After that, the script sort of wrote itself. When I was done with Rusty’s rant I knew that I’d nailed a key bit of characterization and managed to accomplish my original goal with the strip all in one fowl fell swoop. I’m a genius, eh?

The amusing part, however, is that this actually plays havoc with one of the very first scripts I came up with, which centers on Rusty. I wonder how I’m going to get away with that pun now

Pre-launch Jitters

Pre-launch Jitters published on 1 Comment on Pre-launch Jitters

I’m just a little bit nervous.

Which is silly, when you get right down to it: I’m probably going to go months, if not well into next year, before I pick up any kind of significant audience. My “buzz” right now consists of friends, the slightest dose of word-of-mouth, and the awesome might of Cleolinda Jones‘ fanbase. Well, those among her readers who are curious enough to take a look, anyway. If I end up with more than a dozen regular visitors by summer’s end I’ll be gratified amazed. And that’s okay. Yes, of course I’m doing this in part because I want people to love me. (Hi, have you met me?) The main reason, however, that I’ve gone to all of this effort is… it’s an outlet for my creative impulses.

I’m not an artist. To be brutally honest? I’m not a prose author, though I’ve tried that a few times. To trot out (ha, ha) a metaphor, I’m a sprinter instead of a marathon runner: Potentially great over short stretches of text, just don’t ask me to run the 15K.

So, this project gives me the ability to present jokes (and eventually some short stories) at a composition level I’m comfortable with, using tools and props at hand. It also gives me a chance to learn some new skills, which is never a bad thing.

At any rate… we “launch” tomorrow. I have two weeks’ worth of material in the can, queued up and ready, right now. We’re on a Monday/Thursday schedule for the time being. If I can streamline the process a bit more and inspiration really takes off, I might bump that up… but I intend to walk before I try running, so this schedule’s pretty much set, in my mind.

Thank you for visiting, and please enjoy the show.

Layout Test Comic 1

Layout Test Comic 1 published on 3 Comments on Layout Test Comic 1

This is mostly just an excuse to work on finalizing the layout and my speech-bubble technique. I managed to work something of a punchline into the thing anyway, which actually bodes well for the future of this silly little project…