Insert Bill And Ted Quote Here

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It’s funny how characterization and, indeed, scripting can take unexpected turns while you’re in the middle of the creative process. Originally this was going to be a dry dissertation from two of my ducks about what sort of thing you’d be seeing here over the course of the next… however long this may run. “But,”… Continue reading Insert Bill And Ted Quote Here

Striking Out

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Is this the end, so soon after we’ve begun? I certainly hope not! Okay, here’s the deal: I could try to carry on a gag-a-day (okay, gag-twice-a-week) webcomic and see how long it takes for the jokes to run out. I never intended to do that, however. Part of what I want to learn from… Continue reading Striking Out

Fountain Of Snooze

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A moment of culture? In my webcomic? I don’t know, is that allowed? … Here’s the thing: Aronofsky’s film, The Fountain, is visually stunning. And pretentious. And complicated. And comes with a great soundtrack. My little plastic partners in crime each see (or, in Roger’s case, hear) different things in the same movie. Does that… Continue reading Fountain Of Snooze