Peeking Duck

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Okay, so I may have cheaped out on this one, but believe it or not this is one of the first scripts I jotted down back when the concept for QP first came to me. We’ve introduced almost the entire starting lineup already if you count last week’s “test” image. Who are we missing…?

Striking Out

Striking Out published on No Comments on Striking Out

Is this the end, so soon after we’ve begun? I certainly hope not! Okay, here’s the deal: I could try to carry on a gag-a-day (okay, gag-twice-a-week) webcomic and see how long it takes for the jokes to run out. I never intended to do that, however. Part of what I want to learn from… Continue reading Striking Out

Two For Teasing

Two For Teasing published on 5 Comments on Two For Teasing

I should apologize for two important things, here: 1) I apologize for the lighting. It turns out that the dining room table isn’t nearly as good of a stage as I’d hoped, because I had to get the lights way, way too close to make this work at all. Thus, shiny ducks. 2) I should… Continue reading Two For Teasing