Blame Game Hen

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Shimako’s view is one possible take on the situation. That’s not to say that Sachiko and Rei are entirely in the wrong, being angry at Neil’s breach of trust. A little moral ambiguity with your breakfast, eh? Of course, Neil doesn’t know that he may or may not be off the hook… … Upgrading to… Continue reading Blame Game Hen

Wok Of Fame

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You can, perhaps, appreciate why I didn’t have Li taking the lead on this particular gag. I knew that I needed for somebody to play off of Roger on the pun to get the most use out of the word, though… and then I knew that Li made sense for that. Especially since Neil’s still… Continue reading Wok Of Fame

I Don’t Like Gravy

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Granted, it’s probably a bit early for a Halloween gag… but once the idea entered my head, it just wouldn’t leave room for anything more timely. I’ll probably be working some of the other resident ducks into various strips as things go forward. If you want to take this as a sign that I’m getting… Continue reading I Don’t Like Gravy