Two For Teasing

Two For Teasing published on 5 Comments on Two For Teasing

I should apologize for two important things, here: 1) I apologize for the lighting. It turns out that the dining room table isn’t nearly as good of a stage as I’d hoped, because I had to get the lights way, way too close to make this work at all. Thus, shiny ducks. 2) I should… Continue reading Two For Teasing

And Nosy Makes Three

And Nosy Makes Three published on 3 Comments on And Nosy Makes Three

It’s as if they don’t trust me not to meddle in their affairs, or something… … Once again, what we’re doing here is establishing the scenario a bit more. As implied in a couple of earlier strips, Poe and Shimako are “an item,” for lack of a better term. I wanted an established pairing to… Continue reading And Nosy Makes Three

Seeds of Confusion

Seeds of Confusion published on No Comments on Seeds of Confusion

Here, Roger demonstrates rudimentary skill in the art of keeping folks guessing. Nobody knows if it’ll work out as he hopes, of course. At least Rei’s not angry with him… yet. … Oh, yeah: The Ducklings make another appearance! What were they doing to old Score, anyway…?