Blame Game Hen

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Shimako’s view is one possible take on the situation. That’s not to say that Sachiko and Rei are entirely in the wrong, being angry at Neil’s breach of trust. A little moral ambiguity with your breakfast, eh? Of course, Neil doesn’t know that he may or may not be off the hook… … Upgrading to… Continue reading Blame Game Hen

Pincer Maneuver

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My original idea involved Roger coming up with some kind of harebrained scheme from which they’d later have to be rescued. Two problems arose with this plan: 1) That’d drag this little storyline out even longer. 2) I’d have to actually come up with a harebrained scheme from which yadda yadda yadda. I’ve chosen the… Continue reading Pincer Maneuver

Restoring Orders

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I’m not sure, between two thirds of the tea-drinking contingent and seven eighths of the Commandos, which is the rock and which is the hard place. It’s probably an academic question that Neil would prefer to ponder from a safe distance, indeed. And yes, I did write myself into quite the corner when it comes… Continue reading Restoring Orders