One big chapter for the second year

All Unawares

All Unawares published on 6 Comments on All Unawares

And we’re back! Did you miss us? Don’t worry, Rusty will come around. He enjoys the limelight too much not to. … I couldn’t resist the running element of having one balloon in each of the first three panels pointing to an off-screen character. Heck of a way to get back in the saddle, eh?

Pipette Dream

Pipette Dream published on 8 Comments on Pipette Dream

It’s not every day that I can work in a bad pun and an unrelated Princess Bride moment in the same comic. I’m sure you’re all quite thankful for that, actually. (In case I’ve left you scratching your head in puzzlement, I submit the following for elucidation: Graduated Cylinder.) … There’s a reason I ran… Continue reading Pipette Dream