Back On The Chain Gang

Back On The Chain Gang published on 5 Comments on Back On The Chain Gang

And we’re back, almost as if we didn’t go anywhere! What will the third year of Quacked Panes bring us? Hey, your guess is as good as mine… So. The chessboard. I’ve never been entirely happy with the desk surface as a stage, though it’s done a fine job over the last couple of years.… Continue reading Back On The Chain Gang

Pawn Doff

Pawn Doff published on 2 Comments on Pawn Doff

I wanted to try something a bit different with the ducklings, partly to start breaking away from their long-established habit of double-speak (as it were) and partly to give them something to do besides simply reacting to one or another of the bigger ducks. Besides, I love the “go / no-go” bit. Maybe I’ve watched… Continue reading Pawn Doff

Breezing By

Breezing By published on 5 Comments on Breezing By

Credit, or blame if you prefer, for this one goes to this entry of Surviving The World by Dante Shepherd. I spent [redacted] hours last week working through the archives after being introduced to the comic via @Rosscott, of The System fame. So, basically, because I follow other webcomic folks on Twitter, I find more… Continue reading Breezing By