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Back On The Chain Gang

Back On The Chain Gang published on 5 Comments on Back On The Chain Gang

And we’re back, almost as if we didn’t go anywhere! What will the third year of Quacked Panes bring us? Hey, your guess is as good as mine…

So. The chessboard.

I’ve never been entirely happy with the desk surface as a stage, though it’s done a fine job over the last couple of years. The poor thing bears pits and scars, never mind that chunk of the surface which was torn out and glued back in before the desk even came into my possession. (I tried to block it with ducks and props wherever I could, but it’s right in the most usable part of the desk, so… I had to deal with it.) I’m experimenting with ways to improve the set; one idea was to raise the surface a bit, get a bit more of a “straight on” view with the camera. This, of course, provides the extra benefit of covering that damaged spot.

We’ll see how it goes. It may last another comic or two, it may last for months, I may find something completely different. One must keep trying new things, yes?


1) Welcome back!
2) Keep the chessboard, and maybe replace the scrap of white cardboard you have behind it with something a little… nicer? Perhaps some lace curtains or some blinds? Or something that actually stretches the length of the frame. Just a thought.
3) I’m so terribly afraid to know why Poe needed the decoys…

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