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A Wall

A Wall published on 6 Comments on A Wall

My oh my, what could be going on, here?

So, yes: I cheated like a cheating cheater who cheats. This is a dialog-free comic. Having framed the shots in my head, I realized that this is a good time to see if I can convey a plot element without spelling it out for the viewer. It should be fairly clear what’s going on, actually.

I hope it is, anyway.

I had some help with the photo shoot this afternoon, too. Commence mockery!


I was going to take a guess, but decided against it, lest I get mocked.

Is it wrong that I was distracted by trying to read your DVD titles? (Yes, I’m curious — okay, nosy — that way.) 🙂

I’m sorry… I’m sorry… you may feel free to mock me at your leisure.

But only after you explain what’s going on. I’m just not gettin’ it.

I’m getting stupid in my old age.

Eh, no worries. I’m still learning, donchaknow…

Seven of them are a search party. The eighth is hiding.

Oooh, i thought the seven were hanging out, and the eighth was the villain/stalker/giant monster (it seems to be lurking to me, but i’m old and daft).

Okay, so I wasn’t too far off the mark. I was thinking it was a game of hide & seek, but then I thought that couldn’t be right because only one duck was hiding.

I did briefly wonder if there was any significance to the fact that the hiding duck was sitting on Monty Python vids (is he pining for the fjords?) but I quickly realized I was thinking about this whole thing way, way too much. 🙂

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