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ABC to ZZ Top

ABC to ZZ Top published on 9 Comments on ABC to ZZ Top

You might have gathered that Roger and Neil are music fans. They also enjoy nimble wordplay, as do other denizens of the Quacked Panes crew.

Apparently, however, an hour past bedtime may indeed be the wrong time to engage in what amounts to music-geek Shiritori

Okay, I was lazy and just used the last letter, not the last sound (or syllable), but hey. I stayed up far later than I should’ve to finish this comic as it is. You probably shouldn’t overthink this… like I just did. Ahem.


Level 42.

Sure, but what do I follow that with? 2 Live Crew? *shudder*

How about “2 Unlimited”, then?

I just barely noticed that Score is in fact walking (waddling? shuffling?) past them in panel four. The end of his tail is just barely visible. Methinks that these two (Roger and Neil, if I don’t miss my guess (nice set of names for what is apparently a duo, by the way) (I think I’m being a bit too liberal with my use of parentheses)) are not the only ones staying up a bit late. Or perhaps Score is off to settle some other irritating sleep-depriving matter entirely, or maybe he’s guilty of partaking in a post-curfew guilty pleasure himself, or…

Dang it, knowing you’re in the process of development really plays havoc on my mind.

Hi, Karel,

Thanks for introducing me to Shiritori. I may have played something similar, in English. I look forward to playing this with friends, and especially my nieces and nephews. I really appreciate when entertainment is also educational, and even thought-provoking, while still fun.

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