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Daylight Zombie Time

Daylight Zombie Time published on 4 Comments on Daylight Zombie Time

I’d like to thank Wonderduck for giving me the first grunted syllable in today’s comic, back in the comments for Monday’s comic… *wry grin*

You know, if I keep using Bob then I’m going to have to give him a tag and a slot in the cast page, aren’t I?

It’s funny, I always start out with vague notions for what I’ll do with this duck or that set of ducks, but when production time arrives I find myself going in different directions. Bob was going to be a one-time character over those few comics a while back, but when I came up for this DST-zombie joke I realized that I needed him to give Score someone to play off of. It’s not like anybody else around here has the zed-head perspective required, right?

The best laid plans of ducks and men, or some such.


Is it too late to go back and change Bob’s name to “Rob”?

*chuckle* Still waiting for acknowledgment of my figuring out the etymology of Score’s name… *chuckle again*

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