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Elite Speak

Elite Speak published on 2 Comments on Elite Speak

What? Did you think Roger was the only one allowed to make bad jokes around here? Li is the “peeking duck,” after all…

Apparently I need that ligher-colored, somewhat-reflective backdrop to make the camera happy. The previous comic was shot into an emptier space and it threw things off, resulting in overly-shiny ducks. Live and learn, I suppose.


Why do I have the sinking feeling that my “kthxbai” comment may have contributed to this episode?

And if so, I’ll have to consider ritual suicide.

Don’t worry, no seppuku required as of yet. As usual, I started with a punchline and then worked backward… this punchline was one of several variants that I was considering (“…an old duck new twigs” was going to be a nest-related gag, but I couldn’t make it flow very well, yes, even worse than what we ended up with).

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