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First Milestone

First Milestone published on 5 Comments on First Milestone

As you see, nothing fancy, just a thank you poster.

Because I wouldn’t have made it this far without the encouragement, kudos, and snarky comments from you folks. It’s one thing to have a silly idea to make a photographic webcomic about toy ducks, it’s something else entirely for dozens of people around the world to actually find amusement in the results.

So: Thank you, thank you, a hundred times, thank you.

Now, with that said…

(No, don’t panic! I’m not quitting the comic!)

…with that said, as I was saying, I am going to take the month of May off from posting. There is too much, let me sum up:

  • I haven’t had a buffer for at least three months. That means every Monday and Thursday evening I’ve been cranking out the next posting day’s comic, whether I have an idea ready or not. As you may have noticed, the results haven’t always been pretty.
  • Related to this is the fact that this year has been much busier work-wise (and, in some cases, my usually-quiet personal life has run amok) which left me without the time and energy required to do proper preparation work, let alone to build the buffer back up again.
  • Having gotten through 100 of these, I feel like I’ve earned a brief break.
  • And, since the first week of June will mark the first year anniversary of Quacked Panes, that’s when I’ll pick up with Year Two.

I’m absolutely not going away. I love doing this comic, and I’m a long way from running out of bad puns and silly pop-culture riffs. However, if I don’t take a little bit of time to recharge my batteries and rebuild a buffer (and maybe even spruce up the website a bit) I’ll end up either burning out or missing updates… or both.

So. Enjoy a quiet month of May. Tell a friend to take a stroll through the archives. Print out and pin up your favorite comic on your cubicle wall, perhaps.

And I’ll see you all bright and early on… May 31st, because I’m certainly not going to make you wait until June 7th for a new comic!

Oh, and I’ll say it yet again: THANK YOU.


Totally unrelated, but… am I the only one to think that the spotted duck in the back has a bad case of the duck equivalent of chicken pox?

And congrats, of course! Bet you never suspected there was such a market for fine duck-themed entertainment. 😉

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