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Friendly Advice

Friendly Advice published on 2 Comments on Friendly Advice

I can’t imagine how this could possibly backfire.

For us, that is. Comedy gold. Neil is probably going to be in deep trouble when Rei finds out, though.

Roger’s little music-history teaching moment? Many people attribute to Michael Hutchence that peculiar method of dying actually accomplished by Kevin Gilbert instead… though, to be fair, there seems to be some ambiguity in the evidence for Hutchence’s case.

Tragic wastes, both of their losses, really…


I’ll admit to choking on a drink of my orange soda when I read the “Gilbert/Hutchence” line.

Hutchence gave us INXS and their kick-arse rock songs. Gilbert gave us… um… Sheryl Crow.


Pfft. You clearly haven’t listened to the Toy Matinee album, or his solo record, “Thud.” (Okay, the first half of that record. The second half’s a bit “meh”.)

Never mind that Gilbert was very nearly the new lead vocalist for Genesis… not that I dislike Ray Wilson’s work on “Calling All Stations” mind you. But still, a Gilbert-fronted Genesis could’ve been highly interesting stuff.

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