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I agree – once you start applying powers of infinity, you’ve gone too far.

Wait, what were we talking about?

I knew that someone would glom onto the horrible abuses of mathematics on display! 🙂

See, folks? Love turns your higher brain functions into mulch…

The funny thing is, the pink duck almost got something right.

Red: “I love you double infinity times a bajillion.”
Pink: “I love you infinity times infinity squared.”

Red’s pretty much accomplished nothing – your basic add/sub/mul operations applied to infinity is still infinity, even when the factor is also infinity. Pink’s still wrong, because ∞ x ∞ is the same cardinality of infinity, and all she’s said is ∞ x ∞^2, or ∞^3.

But if Pink had said “I love you times two to infinity (2^∞),” according to set theory, she’d actually have a LARGER infinity. When it comes to infinite sets, not all infinities are necessarily equal. In fact, there are infinite cardinalities of infinity, so not even THAT would stop the irritating escalation.

If you ask me, I thought Red was doing alright with “I love you more than anything, ever, anywhere.” His mistake was getting pulled into the mathematical arms race started by Pink.


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