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Every phone I’ve owned after I outgrew the Kyocera 6035 (it’s still kicking around here, somewhere) has featured an actual keyboard of some sort. Even after giving up “smartphones” for budgetary reasons I’ve made sure that my “feature” phones let me type, since text messaging is 95% of what I do with the darned things.

This era may be coming to an end, however. I haven’t fully decided yet, but given that my slide-out keyboard options are rather unappealing from my chosen vendor’s selection, I may have to go with the snazzier device and live with the software keyboard.

Sigh. I’ve owned my Samsung tablet for most of a year and I’m still not really good at software keyboards. We’ll see, I guess.


95% of what I do with my phone is change the wallpaper and set the alarm.

I use the calendar on my dumbphone a lot, when I need a hard-to-miss reminder that oh yeah, I was supposed to do after-hours work. (I tend to switch into Not-Work mode once I leave work, so anything I said I was going to do at home gets forgotten. Whoops.) And yes, wallpaper… I made two for my current phone, heaven knows what I’ll do with the new one.

Texting, alarm… and occasionally, in times where I’m desperately lost in downtown Portland, I’ll look up Google Maps on the dumb-phone browser.

Though really, it’s a good time for a change of phone. It already pulled the “ha ha, only the least useful half of your touch screen is accessible” stunt once, and I’m alright not waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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