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6th Duck of Christmas

6th Duck of Christmas published on 2 Comments on 6th Duck of Christmas

It’s not the most elegant solution to the problem, but it’ll do the job. Now, what I’m going to do with Monday’s comic is anyone’s guess… at least at the time I’m writing this post, since I’ll be assembling that comic next week.

That is: Either yesterday or four days ago, from your temporal perspective.

Yes, writing these out in advance can be rather weird…


I would have put the ducklings on the shelf/cubby next to Rei. The fact that their line crosses behind the balloon threw me at first (I think because the balloon was drawing my eye to the other ducks and breaking the line to the ducklings).

If you want a suggestion for Monday, how about putting duck 7 where Rei is now and make that frame 1, then Rei (one cubby to the right) in frame 2, and then in frame 3 you can have the ducklings and everybody else, kind of like you do now. Or sit the ducklings in front of Rei and let them do their line in Frame 2 with her.

You’re on your own for day 8. 😉

Oh, it’s going to get messier before it gets better… each duck that’s finished its line joins the chorus down below, so that’s where the two balloons and the ducklings’ line have to all play nice together.

I came up with a sort of solution, but I suspect I won’t be doing anything quite like this again going forward…

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