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5th Ducks of Christmas

5th Ducks of Christmas published on 4 Comments on 5th Ducks of Christmas

This one got a bit tricky, because I had to get the “gave to me” line in but… the ducklings aren’t that articulate and expressive yet. So I had Rei, their keeper, give the intro.

The next one, and the ones immediately following, will be more challenging because I have to work that non-balloon “Five! Golden! Wings!” in between the other lines of gifts. Well, I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, right?

Incidentally: Yes, this is the gift line that got me started on the entire “Twelve Days” idea. C’mon, when we were all wee little tykes, belting out the “Five golden rings!” part was the best thing about this song!


I thought it was great. 🙂 The only thing I might have done differently (if this were my comic, which it’s not, so ignore me) is not show the ducklings in the first panel, so it looked like they were jumping in (as kids will do).

And because of what you said in the comments:

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