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Harbingers Of Dumb

Harbingers Of Dumb published on 2 Comments on Harbingers Of Dumb

Most sane people would think I’m picking on an easy target, but let’s remember that there are enough crazies buying into this garbage for us to still be talking about it.

But you know, whatever. Happy New Year, everyone!

Hey, I even remembered to change the date in the corner!


Hm. 2012, as practicing Mayans describe it, will just be a time of change. Things will be different, worse? Perhaps. But different? Probably. The world could end the Aztec way, earthquake, fire, flood, or jaguars falling from the sky! (OK I don’t know if that last one is an accurate belief, I read it in a sci-fi book, Red Mars. Good series, intriguing ideas.)

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