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Oh god, I have wanted the duck from across the Atlantic to be in The Flock for years. There was once a website that claimed to have a “duck cam”, it was obviously just a series of photographs of a duck like EuroDuckie up there in odd situations (I best remember him poking up out of an old combat boot).

Ever since then, I’ve wanted one… now I know why I can’t find him!

I admit, I think I’m happier to have the Tolo duck than I am about the “British” ducks.

Tolo Duck? I have a name to search under now! Let me see… (some googling later) …they’re not available in the US. Amazon doesn’t even have a listing. The nearest I could find was a Duckplanet thread from 2009, where one of the members was importing a couple of dozen from New Zealand… and people were snapping them up, damn the prices!

I am sad.

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