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My Plus One

My Plus One published on 5 Comments on My Plus One

So, yes, I got in to Google Plus a few days ago. As did a wide range of other people.

And no, I never did join Facebook. By the time it was on my radar I basically knew it as That Place With The Silly Social-Networking Games That I Want Nothing To Do With. Also, Peer Pressure Join Us Resistance Is Futile. You know how I am about the whole “if everyone else is doing it, I must want nothing to do with it” thing, right?

Which makes one wonder, of course: Why G+, why now?

Sensible question, complicated answer. One, I’m curious to see what Google can do having had years of watching Facebook’s screwups to learn from. Two, I’m already pretty closely tied to Google products anyway so it’s not as if I had create some whole new persona on a new system. Three, people whose opinion I value highly have indicated that they’re rather pleased with it, especially in comparison to other options on the market.

And so, I’m dabbling with it. I don’t know if or how long I’ll stick around. We’ll see.


Yeah, we’ll see how it goes. I like that it’s easier to segregate people into privacy groups. If I post something I don’t particularly want my loved-but-annoying religious relatives to see, I have to make sure I change the privacy settings on /that/ post. With Google+ (as I understand it), I just tuck them into a circle that doesn’t get to see posts unless I specify they can.

You can do that on Facebook too, by setting your default post settings in Privacy.

Facebook actually does do a number of things well, and the way you can fine-tune your privacy settings and filter your friends into lists that way is one of them. The problem is all the stuff they do terribly, like changing the privacy settings without asking or telling you ahead of time, and the headache-inducing overall clutter of the interface, making it hard for your average non-geek to figure out how to customize their settings. Not to mention, yes, the games and other applications generating all kinds of spam, and of course the ads.

I do assume that G+ will eventually have ads as well, and I assume they’ll eventually have games and/or apps of some sort, but for right now, getting in on the ground flood while it’s so clean and uncluttered is nice.

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