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Of Mallard And Machine

Of Mallard And Machine published on 9 Comments on Of Mallard And Machine

I think I found a solution to the readability issues for the bots’ lines. Let me know, eh?

In case you’re wondering: Panels 1 and 2 refer to Isaac Asimov’s robot stories, Panel 3 refers first to Karel Capek (who coined the term “robot” back in 1920) and then, well, any number of “evil robot” stories you could think of.

If you don’t get Panel 4’s reference, I just can’t help you, however.


I hate to be a wet blanket, but I’m having a little trouble reading the robot font. It’s hard to distinguish between the “f” and the “t” and I read “tannish” inquisition the first time around. I still got the Python pun, but it was a lot more confusing that way!

I thought it said “tannish” as well, and went to look it up thinking it was an obscure species of spotted duck.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was:


Heh, I saw a modern translation/adaptation of Rossum’s Universal Robots; Universal Robots by Mac Rogers. A Trekkie friend of mine loved it so much Radius is her new sci-fi husband, dethroning SPOCK! I almost cried during the show, some people wept. Powerful stuff.

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