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One Small Gig For Man

One Small Gig For Man published on 2 Comments on One Small Gig For Man

When offered a free, if “gently used,” network drive device with four times the capacity of my current device and gigabit Ethernet capability, yes, I jumped at it. Almost literally. I spent a portion of the weekend migrating data so I can shut down the old WD Netcenter rig (and store it away for a rainy day or a friend in need).

New toy, yay!

Apparently this has been “alternate lighting week” here at Quacked Panes: Monday’s comic was shot with almost no artificial light at all, and this comic only used one of the gooseneck lamps (and suffered for it, yes). Experimentation is good!

Of course, only after I started posting the comic to the site did I realize that the drive is much bigger than merely 1 gigabyte, which screws up my punny title rather neatly, doesn’t it?

We’ll assume that’s how much Duck Dodgers fanfic Neil’s got squirreled away, how’s that? Ahem.


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