Orange You Glad

Orange You Glad published on 2 Comments on Orange You Glad

This can’t possibly end badly, now can it? Insert joke about snatching pebbles from Li’s grasp, here. … Once again I’m trying something just a bit different: Instead of setting up a situation, engaging ducks in a dialog, and leading to a punchline (or not)… I’m setting up the same situation four times and providing… Continue reading Orange You Glad

Whirled Traveller

Whirled Traveller published on 4 Comments on Whirled Traveller

Yes, I’m abusing yet another language this time… and without the benefit of a resident expert to call upon. So, if you know your Italian? Just… be gentle with me, please. I did the best that I could with a bit of online research. … And this concludes the “getting to know you” phase, with… Continue reading Whirled Traveller