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Orange You Glad

Orange You Glad published on 2 Comments on Orange You Glad

This can’t possibly end badly, now can it?

Insert joke about snatching pebbles from Li’s grasp, here.

Once again I’m trying something just a bit different: Instead of setting up a situation, engaging ducks in a dialog, and leading to a punchline (or not)… I’m setting up the same situation four times and providing different outcomes.

You can call it laziness if you like. I call it “stretching myself as an artist.” (That’s the sort of pretentious stuff you’d expect from an artist, now isn’t it?)

(Oh, I’m going to get in trouble with the artsy types, aren’t I…?)


Other artists usually have guest bloggers and contests for captioning the same scene over again, just to see what people come up with. It’s always amusing.

I am amused at this one, and at the “Pizza! Pizza!” one. The ducklings are awesome.

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