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Whirled Traveller

Whirled Traveller published on 4 Comments on Whirled Traveller

Yes, I’m abusing yet another language this time… and without the benefit of a resident expert to call upon. So, if you know your Italian? Just… be gentle with me, please. I did the best that I could with a bit of online research.

And this concludes the “getting to know you” phase, with Amme having met every one of our regular cast members. Next up? Wacky hijinx, of course.


Well, I can credit this comic with rousing a pleasant memory, at least — I’d completely forgotten about my brief stop in Pisa. (I guess that says something about how impressive the Leaning Tower was in person… or maybe I was just in monument burnout at that point. ‘Eh, it’s another famous building. So where can we eat?’)

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