I’m not adding a tag for each duck on my shelves…

Tricker Treat

Tricker Treat published on 4 Comments on Tricker Treat

The pre-adolescent ducklings come from miles around to hear Roger’s Halloween jokes. One presumes they all grow out of that phase eventually… … I spent hours wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make this comic work with Score somehow, having him scare off the kids who’re trying to trick-or-treat him. It finally… Continue reading Tricker Treat

The Uncertainty Pirate

The Uncertainty Pirate published on 6 Comments on The Uncertainty Pirate

This is a prime example of two things: Why I Don’t Participate In “Talk Like A Pirate Day”. Ye gods, people, that’s a lot of work just to sound even less intelligible than I already am. Sometimes it’s a complete nightmare when you have the punch line but don’t have a good way to construct… Continue reading The Uncertainty Pirate

Belle of the Ball

Belle of the Ball published on 3 Comments on Belle of the Ball

No real punchline here, I just decided to come up with a way to showcase one of the more extravagant ducks who arrived in my home during the Yule season. … Don’t worry: She won’t become a full cast member. Primarily this is because she has to stay safe and snug in her box, otherwise… Continue reading Belle of the Ball