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3rd Duck of Christmas

3rd Duck of Christmas published on 6 Comments on 3rd Duck of Christmas

Among the things which are not my friend, I include “skill at lighting” and “skill at basic photography.”

My approach to this project may need some adjustment before I get much further along. That’s okay, though: I don’t mind the learn-as-you-go method, even if it is rather public.


You can always add more panels — who says you have to limit yourself to the standard number? It also occurred to me that you could reuse some panels in later strips if you aren’t fussy about having all the ducks appearing in the “repeated” parts of each strip. (I hope that made sense… it makes sense in my head, anyway!)

“Friend Chens”?


I see what you did there.


(PS- Have you tried using a reflector, instead of using direct light? A white pillowcase or a sheet of posterboard, for example, could do the trick…)

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