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Another Plank In The Wall

Another Plank In The Wall published on 6 Comments on Another Plank In The Wall

Hello, and welcome to Year Four of Quacked Panes! Did you miss us?

Who am I kidding? Of course you did. Unless you’re new here, in which case: Welcome!

So… the comic.

As with most solutions to awkward problems, this one comes with its own baggage. For instance, that’s four pieces of wood which I have to stand up, balance, align, and safely take down again before and after each shoot. Never mind that I must avoid knocking them over during the shoot. You’ll also have noticed that they’re… black. That would be the same color as my word balloon borders.


So let’s just say that this probably isn’t the long-term permanent answer, but until I find The Perfect Backdrop this will have to do the trick.


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