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Year Three Is A Wrap

Year Three Is A Wrap published on 3 Comments on Year Three Is A Wrap

Off and on over the last few months I’ve considered hanging it up once I finished the third year. I’m stubborn enough to insist on seeing each year through, barring a catastrophe severe enough to render it actually impossible, so you were always going to see this many comics before I called it quits.

But… I don’t think I’ve done everything I wanted to do with Quacked Panes yet.

So you’re stuck with me for another year… starting June 4th. I’m taking a proper break this time. As you read this I’ll be in Las Vegas at a work-related conference. (No, I don’t gamble nor do I like the desert heat, so it’s not much of a vacation.) Then I’ll spend a couple of weeks resting & recharging my creative side, followed by a couple of minor improvements around the site and the start of our fourth year of… whatever it is you want to call what we do around here.

See you in June, folks! And thank you, again, for sticking with me all this time. It would only be half as much fun without you.


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