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Cheesier Than Usual

Cheesier Than Usual published on 4 Comments on Cheesier Than Usual

I’d like to give a shout-out to the nice folks at Foster & Dobbs over on NE 15th in Portland, Oregon. If we hadn’t gone wandering thereabouts today, it would probably have been months from now (if ever) before I came up with this comic idea. We didn’t pick up the Dubliner Stout there, but they did have the Tomme d’Aydius (which I’d never heard of before today, and is one of the few goat’s milk cheeses I’ve tried and really liked). And yes, they do have Wensleydale, and the placard refers to it as “the favorite of Wallace & Gromit.” How can you not adore a cheese shop like that?

Oh, and the best part about using cheese as your webcomic prop? The cleanup, of course. (YUM.)

Now, on the other hand… there’s a cautionary tale in this for those who want to make a photography-based webcomic. If you get the urge to use the natural light of the evening sun… make damned sure that you get things done in time.

In other words: Yes, I know how bad the first two panels look. When I proofed the pictures before doing corrections, they all looked the same. Color correction, however, made a mess of the first two but brought out the 3rd and 4th panels beautifully.

Oh well. Live and learn, yadda de yadda.


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