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Dis Association

Dis Association published on 12 Comments on Dis Association

You might think I’m reaching for the sake of a joke setup but, no, this is based on an actual comment overheard during a homeward commute a few weeks ago.

In other news, this week’s comics were made with the aid of a hot pixel removal tool and a RAW extractor. I’ve been shooting JPG format in the camera up to this point, which makes it harder to deal with one particular prominent red pixel that you may have noticed, especially in some of the Quackvent posters. The downside is that, for some reason, the camera is more finicky now. It took two entire passes to get workable shots for these four frames because the focus mechanism didn’t get anywhere near the two ducks the first time through. I’m not sure what I broke while messing around in the menus, but this whole new way of doing things is difficult enough without the camera making things worse…


And here I thought that using “myself” as a character too much would wear out its welcome.

We’ll find out on Monday, I suppose… *wry grin*

For what it’s worth, this comic seems much more washed out than previous… I don’t know if that’s from the RAW format, overlighting, or what. *scratches head*

I’m fairly certain it’s the switch to RAW. The camera has settings for saturation and such, but only when you’re making JPG files. Everything goes to “flat” once you’re in RAW mode. The RAW extraction processor has some options along those lines that I’ll be tinkering with after the next photoshoot.

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