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Hard To Heart Talk

Hard To Heart Talk published on 4 Comments on Hard To Heart Talk

And I think that about does it for this string of comics, don’t you?

So, why did I do this? In all honesty, this “conclusion” came to me out of nowhere after I’d done the “suitors” comic. “Why didn’t I use Bob in that one?” I asked myself later. Then it hit me what I could do with Bob and our little princess. Then I realized what problem that would solve: Basically, up to this point I could only use Bob to scare newbies or interact with Score. Now there’s another dynamic I can work with… two, if you count the fact that she’s almost certainly going to be at loggerheads with Score again and again from here on out.

Also, I apologize to anyone I may have earwormed with this comic. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… well, do yourself a favor and don’t Google those lyrics. Trust me.


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