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Inn Like Flynn

Inn Like Flynn published on No Comments on Inn Like Flynn

You were wondering how long I could go between bad puns, weren’t you?

And now you know.

Hey! Are you as amazed as I am that we’re almost through three years of this silly thing? And that means… yes, the annual break is coming up. Lacking inspiration to the contrary, I’m probably going to just take an actual break rather than try to come up with a “more work” way to fill time for a few weeks.

I’ll get you through to May 3rd, and then I’m off for a few weeks to recharge. If I come up with something really simple to make the balance of May go more entertainingly, I will… but I make no promises. Right now there are still only a couple dozen of you fine people visiting every week and while I hate to leave you in the lurch it’s also not like I’m expecting some kind of precipitous drop-off once June arrives.

Besides, the plan is to make a few small improvements around here during the downtime, and to sprinkle some adverts around the webcomic-o-sphere for the Year Four launch. We’ll see how that pans out…

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