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This Is Book Club

This Is Book Club published on 2 Comments on This Is Book Club

Okay, it’s like this:

I was torn, when I decided to play with this particular meme, between what became Thursday’s comic and the seed of what I used for today’s. Last week I chose the more accessible rendition because sometimes you need to play to your audience.

I then decided to go with this rendition as well… because sometimes you need to do what you find entertaining. Since the “Venus Prime” books have been staring at me from the new bookshelf for a while now, I was inevitably going to end up doing this anyway… so here you are. I think it worked out rather well, especially since I got to turn Neil’s confusion into a running joke.

(Sorry, Neil.)

Here’s the thing, though: I successfully strung three comics together, two of them using the same meme. Can I manage to transition from this to yet another riff…?


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