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Two Hundred Ninety Nine

Two Hundred Ninety Nine published on 4 Comments on Two Hundred Ninety Nine

Every now and then I must challenge myself. This one involved finding a way to prop up the purple duck in such a way that he didn’t look too much like he was leaning against the desk edge (he wasn’t) but without giving away the propping materials themselves. After some experimentation, I balanced him on a book (to give him the necessary height off of the keyboard shelf) and a small flashlight (to get the correct angle so we could see his face in the shot as he “fell.”)

And yes, that means he actually fell an even shorter distance than Roger claims. See what happens when we peel away the curtain and reveal how the movie magic works?

Also: I know. I changed the dialog from the movie, just a bit. I couldn’t find a way to introduce Roger and Neil and work some proper blasphemy into mix, other than maybe having the ducks argue the relative merits of David Lee Roth versus Sammy Hagar in Van Halen. Something like that would’ve entailed a wall of text, and I’d have lost my closing panel. (I adore that closing panel, I don’t care what anybody else thinks. So there.)

Also also: When you’re done here, maybe you should check out 300 in Fifteen Minutes. I do believe you’ll find yourself some funny in there, if you like poking well-meaning fun at movies.

I could’ve gone for tax-related humor for April 15th, but coming up with something funny about the federal revenue system would’ve been too taxing for my feeble mind. So you get my take on an overused movie meme, instead. Lucky you, eh?

(Taxing. Hah.)


It’s probably one of the better executions I’ve seen for this meme. It’s an extremely natural extension of the last comic, and the image of a rubber duck kicking another rubber duck off a desk while screaming in an extremely macho voice is just too cute to resist.

I’m also glad you took it all the way by not replacing “Sparta” with something else.


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