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Two Thirds Of Sparta

Two Thirds Of Sparta published on 4 Comments on Two Thirds Of Sparta

This is technically the 200th comic uploaded, but the first entry in the database is actually the “test” comic from back when I was still figuring out what (and, honestly, if) I wanted to do with this project. Thursday’s will be the official 200th Quacked Panes.

[Keanu] Whoah. [/Keanu]

I should set the record straight, however:

  1. I don’t want 300 ducks. I like ducks, but I don’t want to be a collector. There are the ducks I use for QP, there are some others I find amusing, and people like giving me ducks so hey, that’s cool. But I don’t “need” to have every and all kinds and variants out there. I’m trying to keep this low-key and organic, for lack of a better word.
  2. Also, I’ve never watched the movie, ‘300’. Someday, perhaps.
  3. Unlike last year, I’m not going to be taking a break from now until June. That’s way, way too long of a break in this form of entertainment, especially for a “little guy” like me. I’m not sure what the break point will be for Year Two, but we’re some distance from meeting it.

I’ll come up with… something… to commemorate the 200th comic on Thursday. Patience, all.


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