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Wok Of Fame

Wok Of Fame published on 2 Comments on Wok Of Fame

You can, perhaps, appreciate why I didn’t have Li taking the lead on this particular gag. I knew that I needed for somebody to play off of Roger on the pun to get the most use out of the word, though… and then I knew that Li made sense for that. Especially since Neil’s still busy working off his debt to Score. (More about that, soon.)

Hey, none of this has to make sense to anybody but me. So there. Nyah.

As for Shimako… what can I say? She likes bad jokes. There’s a reason that Poe’s such a good match for her, after all…


It’s all part of his Wok on Roll fantasy, right?

The joint would have to have its own dance, known as the Wok on Roll Hootchie-koo.

And Roger, being the creator and owner, the driving force, the soul of the joint, would become known as the Heart of Wok on Roll.

…eventually, the adoring crowds would be standing outside, singin’ I Love Wok on Roll. The favorite dish would be Wok on Roll Stew, (assuming the traffic allows), and over in the corner above the counter would be an old Motorola tuner that broke some years ago, just so everybody would ask “Do you remember Wok on Roll’s radio?

I could do this for days.

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