Poetry Coroner

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This one started when I considered the -ck ending to so many words in the English language, and that there are many such words for each vowel as part of the construction. Yes, these are the thoughts that occupy me from time to time. At any rate, what you get is some cheap poetry. Enjoy!… Continue reading Poetry Coroner

Duck Ditty

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This wasn’t actually how I expected the last normal, main-line comic to end up. Problem is, I figured out what I wanted to do for the last few weeks and found myself here, with only the one comic left before all of that kicked off. So here we are. It’s not over, but in a… Continue reading Duck Ditty

Thanks Four Everything 11

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There are 450 comics in the archive as of today, and it all started with these two. Well, kind of. The first comic in the archive is actually a test comic featuring Roger, Neil, Rei and the ducklings. I mean the comic started as an idea when I looked over at my quintessential little gray… Continue reading Thanks Four Everything 11